Swell Gentle Giant Snake Tongs

Large, gentle reptile tongs for easy handling

At a glance...
  • Large, durable snake and reptile tongs
  • 63cm in length to create distance between you and your pet
  • Hand trigger for easy and responsive operation
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Handle your own giant (gentle or not!) safely with these 'Gentle Giant' snake tongs. They are 63cm in length, allowing you to maintain a healthy distance between you and your large reptile, and minimise the amount of stress your snake is under.

The top arm of the tong works as a securing device, whilst the lower, broader plate makes sure the force is distributed so that it is more comfortable for the snake. This plate also stops the snake thrusting forward to escape, giving you a great amount of control over your jumpy-reptile.

Keeping control of your snake is important during handling time, keeping both yourself and the others around your safe during what can sometimes be a slightly dangerous time, not to mention making your snake more comfortable and calm.

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