Swell Hanging Coconut

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A natural and unique way of providing a hide for your arboreal species, mainly geckos such as Cresties, though many other similar arboreal species will also really benefit from this.


  • Natural Hanging Coconut
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These are a great way to utilise all the space in your enclosure, providing a hide hanging hide from the top of the terrarium. This is a completely natural three-quarter coconut, so each one will be unique and slightly difference shape and size, with one quarter cut away to provide a lovely hide out for your geckos.

Supplied with the hanging string, this can be hung from the top of a wooden vivarium or from the mesh top of a glass terrarium, just provide vines and climbing branches for your gecko to be able to reach it, and you'll be able to see them enjoy a nice safe and cosy place, with removes pressure from tails of species such as Crested Geckos, where their tails can suffer from constantly sitting against the glass.

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    Date 09/06/2017 14:06pm
    Swell Natural Hanging Coconut
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    well made hide, good quality