Swell Heat Cables

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Provide your reptile with a secondary heat source that is as adaptable as they are with a Swell Heat Cable. These highly versatile heat cables can be quickly and securely wrapped around terrarium decor, or even attached to the underneath the terrarium itself.


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Product Information

Swell Heat Cables give you the freedom to allocate heat to specific parts of your terrarium and have the unique ability to wrap around decor or can be fitted underneath your terrarium.

The cables are available in four sizes to suit whatever size setup you have, and can also be used for incubators, as well as placing on racks to warm your lizard or snake hatchlings. These should be placed at least 2cm in distance from another part of the cable to ensure they don't cause heat damage.

As with all heat cables, only part of the length of the cable is used for heating, allowing the energy to be channelled efficiently to the areas where it's needed. Unlike competing brands, Swell Heat Cables come with an extra 2m of flex before the heat cable, making it really easy to install them.


  • 15W: heating cable length 4m / 13.2' (plus 2m flex)
  • 25W: heating cable length 5m / 16.5' (plus 2m flex)
  • 50W: heating cable length 7m / 22.9' (plus 2m flex)
  • 80W: heating cable length 9m / 29.5' (plus 2m flex)

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