Swell Insect Gel - 500ml

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Swell Reptiles Insect Gel is the best way to ensure that your pet is getting the fresh water it needs on a daily basis. This simple and easy to use gel will make a huge difference to the quality and nutritional factor of your feeder insects.


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Product Information

Whilst it is very important to ensure your live food has access to fresh food and water, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure this happens. Bug Gel is the best way to provide a healthy water source, without the risk of drowning to your live food. This can be placed in a small container and needs to be refreshed daily to ensure no nasty bacteria can build up. A recommended serving dish would be a bottle lid.

Along with the addition of Bug Grub, this will mean your live food will be at its peak condition before being fed, meaning it will pass through the best nutrition to your reptile. This will also help maintain your live food longer, so you do not waste money on insects that will die off.

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