Swell Insect Grub with Colour Boost

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Insect Grub is a very important part of keeping reptiles. Its vital to ensure that your pet is getting the very best out of their meals, and so gut-loading them is essential in ensuring they're getting everything they need.


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Product Information

Swell Insect Grub is the best to ensure that the livefood that you feed to your pets contains the very best. When feeding your reptile you need to make sure the bugs you feed are not hungry themselves, but instead gut-loaded (well fed in advance) to make sure that they transfer the very best nutrition to your pet.

This Insect Grub with Colour Boost allows you to bulk feed your insects, whilst also giving them extra supplements to pass colour enhancing minerals through to your pet - ideally for Dart Frogs, Day Geckos and other bright species, though it will be beneficially to any reptiles.

Simple to use, just place in the container with your insects regularly, ideally with access to fresh water. For best results, ensure insects are fed at least half an hour before feeding to you reptiles.

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