Swell Leopard Gecko Starter Kit - Bronze

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Our Swell Leopard Gecko Bronze Kit is a great starter kit for a baby Leopard Geckos, coming with a flat faunarium and the basics to get you started with a young gecko. This is not suitable for an adult Leo, and will need upgrading within 1 year.


  • Leopard Bronze
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Product Information

This Bronze kit comes with flat faunarium, providing surface space for baby Leopard Geckos to walk around efficiently, and provides all the basics they'll require. This comes with the electrics to get you going, but will only last a hatchling for maximum 1 year, and will then need upgrading to a vivarium instead.

What's in this kit?

The Faunarium included in this kit is the largest they make and is great for a young Leopard hatchling. There is all the electrics you need, including the heat mat and an on/off thermostat, which is essential in keeping these geckoes safely. There is also a thermometer to read the temperatures, to ensure you're keeping them at the right temperature requirements.

This also comes with substrate, a reptile safe natural sand, as well as a small hide to provide them some safety, helping them to feel settled.

At a Glance:

Large Faunarium

Heat Mat and Thermostat



Water Dish

Calcium Dust


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    Date 22/12/2018 01:12am
    Swell Leopard Bronze
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    Great starter kit, everything you need