Swell Leopard Gecko Starter Kit - Platinum

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Our Swell Leopard Gecko Platinum Kit is designed for adult Leopard Geckos, and comes with a large maxi vivarium in a choice of 4 colours, along with all the accessories you could require.


  • Leopard Platinum Oak
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  • Leopard Platinum Walnut
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  • Leopard Platinum Beech
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  • Leopard Platinum Black
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Product Information

This Platinum Kit comes with a VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large vivarium, measuring at 115cm x 49cm x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22"), allowing for your gecko to grow fully and have plenty of space to move around. It comes with all the electrics that will be required to keep your gecko happy and healthy, and ensure they are getting the right UVB levels, ensuring they have the perfect environment.

Whats in the Kit?
The VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large (115cm x 49cm x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22") comes in a choice of 4 colours - Oak, Beech, Walnut and Black. It includes all the electrics that you will need, including the holder, heat bulb, and dimming thermostat to ensure this is kept at the right temperature. There is also a UVB light unit included to provide the correct lighting requirements for the gecko.
The desert bedding substrate is perfect for Leopard Geckos, and creates a natural environment for them, with two hides as well to ensure they have a safe place at both the hot and cold end. There is also decorative plants to add to the natural look, as well as a water bowl, mealworm dish and a full selection of calcium supplements. The sand scoop and disinfectant ensure that you can keep your tank clean and fresh at all times, as well as sealant to ensure that it lasts much longer. There is also a lock for added safety, and the thermometer included is infrared, for quick and accurate temperature checking.

At A Glance:
  • VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large - 115cm x 49cm x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22")
  • Heat Bulb, Holder and Infrared Thermometer
  • Dimming Thermostat
  • UVB Lighting Unit
  • Substrate
  • Calcium Supplements
  • Water Bowl and Mealworm Dish
  • Hiding Caves
  • Plant Decorations
  • Disinfectant and Cleaning Scoop
  • Lock and Vivarium Sealant

Items shown in the image are not specific, and are just a representation of the kit contents.

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