Swell Livefood Feeder cockroaches (Dubia)

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Incredibly nutritious for reptiles, these Swell Livefood Feeder cockroaches (Dubia) are packed with protein and other essential vitamins and minerals - a natural meal for predatory reptiles.


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Product Information

Feeder cockroaches are like other similar insects but very meaty for your reptile. They have a higher ratio of protein compared to the regular cockroach. What's more, unlike other roaches, these aren't particularly good climbers, so are far less likely to escape from your vivarium.


Feeder cockroaches (Blaptica dubia) are a tasty treat for your reptile. These crunchy critters are high in protein for your lizard. And the good news for you is they are odourless, silent and easy to handle. The medium box contains about 15 cockroaches and the large contains around eight very meaty roaches.

At a glance:

  • Odourless
  • Silent
  • Easy to handle
  • High in protein
  • Low in undigestible chitin
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Product Specification

Product Volume Size
Swell Feeder Cockroaches Medium approx. 15 per tub Medium 10 - 15mm
Swell Feeder Cockroaches Large approx. 8 per tub Large 15 - 25mm
Swell Feeder Cockroaches Adult n/a n/a

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