Swell Livefood Giant Lob Worms (Lumbricus)

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Skinks and amphibians in your care will love these Swell Reptiles Livefood Giant Lob Worms (Lumbricus), delivered straight to your door fresh and kicking (well, wriggling anyway).


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Product Information

Lumbricus are a healthy giant lob worm for your reptile or amphibian, full of nutrients and great as a treat for larger species such as monitors.

Our boxes contain around 10 worms, and are packed in soil to keep them fresher to your door. They will last around 7-10 days and are best kept in cooler conditions.

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Product Specification

Product Notes Size
Swell Livefood Giant Lumbricus Lobworms Approx Qty - 10 90-150mm

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