Swell Livefood Small Worms (mixed spp.)

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Swell Livefood Small Worms are a delicious treat for your reptiles, giving them a variety of different vitamins, minerals a nutrients with a taste and texture they will love.


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Product Information

Small Worms are an excellent food for pet reptiles.

The worms are a species called Dendrobaena which are very wriggly. They are sensitive to light which makes them squirm, making them look appetizing to your pet, which means they're great for more fussy eaters who might not normally be interested.

The small worms are succulent and juicy worms that your lizard will love. Our boxes contain around 20 worms in, contained in soil to keep them fresh. These will last around 7-10 days, and are best kept in cooler conditions.

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Product Specification

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Swell Livefood Small Dendrobaena earthworms Approx Qty - 20 25-50mm

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