Swell Lotus Seed Pods

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Natural Lotus Seed Pods are ideal for your forest or arid enclosure, providing hiding places along the floor, recreating a really natural environment for your reptiles. They can be used alone, or alongside some of our other natural leaves in the Swell Natural Range, which you can find in full here.


  • Lotus Seed Pods 2pk
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Product Information

The Swell Natural Lotus Pods come in a pack of 2, and approximately 5cm in diameter. Each is a completely natural Lotus Pod, so the shapes and sizes will vary from piece to piece. They are naturally harvested and dried, without the use of any pesticides or chemicals, and are safe for use with reptiles.

These make a great addition to both Arid and Forest set ups, and can be dotted around with leaf litter, and are ideal for adding interest to your enclosure, and also ideal for custodians to gather under as well. We have a variety of other natural leaves available at Swell Reptiles, so you can create a mixture of forest "debris", giving a naturalistic and rich environment.

As with any naturally dried product, in a humid set up mould spores can populate, but good ventilation and drainage should prevent most of this.

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    Date 17/02/2021 02:02am
    Swell Lotus Seed Pods 2pk
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    Awesome makes nice decoration and home for springtails in vivarium
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    Date 16/02/2021 17:02pm
    Swell Lotus Seed Pods 2pk
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    Expensive but so cool!!! got for my millipedes