Swell Nano Vision Lamp

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The Nano Vision Bulb is ideal for smaller set ups that don't require any extra heat, but is used mainly to provide a good day and night cycle, such as for many Invertebrate species, like Mantis.


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Product Information

The Nano Vision Bulb is only 5w, and will provide very little in the way of extra heat, though in very small enclosures this may be enough to cause a rise in temperatures, so is worth considering using with a thermostat.

For many Nano set ups, this will be ideal for providing a good day and night cycle, without effecting the temperature too much, perfect for species like Mantis that don't need extra heat or UV lighting.

Also in the Nano Range, we have a Ceramic Bulb, if you need need to provide more heat, or Ultraviolet Bulb, great for those who don't really like bright lights, such as Tarantulas.

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