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Swell Natural Calcium Cuttlebone

Top up your tortoise's calcium levels

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  • Natural cuttlefish bone for reptiles and invertebrates
  • Provides natural calcium supplement and minerals
  • Available as single pieces
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A great size of cuttlebone that will outlast other brands thanks to its thickness.

What is the Swell Natural Calcium Cuttlebone?

The Swell Natural Calcium Cuttlebone is an all-natural calcium supplement for reptiles such as tortoises, that provides enrichment and supports a healthy bone structure. Available as single pieces, this cuttlefish bone can be placed in your reptile enclosure letting them help themselves to it.

What are the benefits of cuttlefish bone?

Cuttlebone, also known as Cuttlefish bone, is a natural calcium supplement for reptiles, birds, and invertebrates. It's inexpensive and long-lasting. The bone is actually a part of a Cuttlefish's internal shell structure. Using Swell Natural Calcium Cuttlebone provides a slow-release form of calcium to your animal. If you put a cuttlebone in your reptile's enclosure, you'll not only provide calcium for your pet but also a way to trim its beak. Cuttlebone is an excellent dietary supplement for turtles and tortoises, particularly when they are growing. The composition of turtle shells and bones necessitates a sufficient supply of calcium, which the cuttlebone can supply.

How do I feed my pet cuttlefish bones?

Simply add cuttlebone to your reptile enclosure and replace it as needed, or as it is eaten. Alternatively, you can crush it and sprinkle it on top of the tortoise's food.

Suitable for Tortoises, birds, invertebrates
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