Swell Natural Coconut Hide

A little coconut hideaway for your pets to explore

At a glance...
  • Add a natural coconut shelter to your terrarium to help reduce animal stress
  • Made from natural coconut, free from chemicals or preservatives
  • Rough outer shell helps shedding species
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This natural coconut is a great hide to use in a variety of set ups, either as a natural piece of decoration, or just as a simple hide. As each piece is a natural half of a coconut, they are all individual in terms of shapes and sizes, and can vary piece to piece.

These comes with a rough outer shell, which can be ideal for species that are shedding to help to rub off skin, especially snakes. This small hide can be used in a dry set up, or can also be used in a humid environment, for dart frogs for example.

These are completely natural, and will vary in size, but are approximately 11cm x 6cm

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