Swell Natural Coconut Hide

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A natural half coconut hide for your reptile, an ideal size for terrestrial species such as Leopard Geckos, or small snakes such as African House Snakes, baby Royal Pythons or Corn snakes.


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Product Information

This natural coconut is a great hide to use in a variety of set ups, either as a natural piece of decoration, or just as a simple hide in a small RUB set up. As each piece a natural half of a coconut, they are all individual in terms of shapes and sizes, and can vary piece to piece.

These comes with a rough outer shell, which can be ideal for species that are shedding to help to rub off skin, especially snakes. This small hide can be used in a dry set up, or can also be used in a humid environment, for dart frogs for example.

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    Date 22/11/2018 10:11am
    Swell Coconut Hide
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    Great to make natural looking hides in my terrarium
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    Date 21/07/2017 01:07am
    Swell Coconut Hide
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    Bought two of these for various animals and can't fault them at all, perfect