Swell Natural Reptile Perch

A large, natural perch for arboreal climbers

At a glance...
  • A natural piece of reptile decoration for climbing
  • Tangle of branches can help with a difficult shed
  • Suitable for both humid and arid enclosures
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This reptile perch is completely natural and so can vary from piece to piece in size. These are ideal for allowing reptiles to use them to climb over or up, so will be ideal for either terrestrial or arboreal set ups, and can also be used in any type of set up, rainforest or dry arid.

These can be used as a natural decoration to compliment a set up, but is also a useful thing to have to help with sheds by providing a rough service to rub against. They can be placed against other items to create some real height and enrichment within the enclosure.

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