Swell Pocket Hook 18 to 70cm

Handle your snake safely on the go

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  • Extendable pocket hook for snake handling
  • The safest way to interact with territorial or defensive snakes
  • Available in a wide variety of colours
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The Swell Pocket Hook 18 - 70cm is an extendable and retractable snake hook to be used as a safe way to handle your snake. The Pocket Hook comes in a variety of colours.

Some snakes can be a little more aggressive that others, and direct body-contact (with your hands) is sometimes ill-advised, especially when the snake has got to a size that may mean it could potentially cause you harm. The pocket snake hook is small enough to carry around easily, but extends to 70cm to give you and your snake a wide birth from each other during handling.

To use it, slip the hook end underneath the snake, carefully and slowly so as not to hurt or alarm it, and then slowly lift from the middle of the snake. The hook can also be used to enter their habitat first: Letting the snake know that isn't food entering the vivarium so there is no need to strike.

Hooks can also be used to control the direction of the head of your snake while being handled, making it easy to avoid giving an aggressive snake the chance to strike. Kept in stock at Swell, these hooks are priced low so that everybody can safely handle and hook-train their snake, and there are super-quick delivery options available too.

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