Swell Premium Aspen Bedding

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A favourite with snake keepers, Swell Reptiles Premium Aspen Bedding is a soft substrate that is dust free and sold at a brilliant price here on this site.


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Product Information

Aspen Bedding is a popular substrate for snakes, tortoises and lizards. It is soft and woody and easy to clean. Best of all, because it's an own brand as part of Swell's brand match, you have the quality while also saving money when compared to big name brands. Swell Quality... Better price.


Aspen bedding is a perfect substrate for corn snakes, milk snakes and king snakes as well as blue tongued skinks, monitor lizards and many other exotic pets.

Swell Aspen bedding is a soft, woody bedding that helps create a fresh smelling, clean vivarium. Aspen makes it easy to clean up waste and the wood is soft.

The Aspen bedding is of comparable quality to the best selling brands such as ProRep Aspen Bedding and Zoo Med Aspen Bedding - but at a better price.

This natural woody substrate is ideal for species that like to burrow and makes clearing up mess clean and easy.

It is available in three sizes - 5L, 10L and 20L.

For a clean fresh-smelling vivarium, add a one-inch layer and replace soiled substrate each week. Replace the entire substrate every six weeks.

At a glance:

  • Perfect substrate for corn snakes, milk snakes and king snakes
  • Ideal for blue tongued skinks and monitor lizards
  • Clean and fresh smelling
  • Ideal for burrowing
  • Cheaper than big name brands

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