Swell Premium Live Green Moss

A spectacular and useful living terrarium decoration

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  • Live green moss for increasing humidity and housing custodians
  • Fantastic decoration for rainforest terrariums
  • Will grow under light and humid conditions
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The Premium Live Green Moss comes in a large 250g bag, giving you a great pack of live feather moss, harvested naturally and all pesticide free.

Live Moss is a great way to add extra enrichment into your enclosure, and will also help with maintaining a steady humidity level. The live plant will help to keep the air fresh and clean by photosynthesizing and adding fresh oxygen to your vivarium, whilst also offering a great environment for bioactive custodians, encouraging them to thrive.

The use of bioactive custodians can help to keep your habitat clean, by breaking down natural waste. Live Moss is perfect for any forest and rain forest enclosure, especially with maintaining the humidity levels within it.

This comes in a resealable 250g pack, and is fresh and live. On arrival, it may seem dark or weak from transport and storage, but once placed into your enclosure and given good quality lighting it will thrive, and can be tied onto wood, such as bogwood, to encourage it to grow over it and create a really realistic natural set up for your reptiles.

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