Swell Rankins Dragon Starter Kit - Gold

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The Swell Rankins Dragon Gold Kit is designed for older Rankins Dragons, or for those with hatchlings who don't want to upgrade in the future. This comes with all the basic equipment as the Silver Kit, but a larger vivarium as well as more accessories included, such as calcium, decoration and vivarium sealant to prolong the life of your vivarium. If you're looking for a Rankins Dragon, have a look at the Livestock list for our Swell Superstore.


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Product Information

The Swell Reptiles Rankins Dragon Gold Kit comes with a VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large Vivarium, which is longer and taller than the standard VivExotic Repti Home Medium AAL that comes in the Silver Kit. It ensures that you have plenty of space for a growing Rankins Dragon, and will be suitable for a lifetime. It comes with all the electrics required to ensure that your pet is safe and sound, with the right UVB and the ability to ensure there is always the perfect temperature.

What's in This Kit?

The VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large Vivarium in this kit measures at 115 x 49 x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22") and comes in a choice of four colours - Black, Grey, Walnut, and Oak. These come in a wood effect finish in their respective colours, and have the choice of matching cabinets available as well. There is all the electrics that you need, starting with the 100w heat bulb with ceramic holder. This comes with a mounting bracket attached so that installing it into the vivarium is very easy, and is controlled by the high range dimming thermostat, meaning you can set your temperature to exactly what you want and know that it is safe from overheating at all times. This can be checked with the included digital thermometer, so you know exactly what your temperature gradient is.

The UV lighting is from an Arcadia ProT5 UV Kit which is a plug and play unit that includes the T5 UB bulb, the controller to power it, and a reflector, all built in to one unit, making it simple to install. This provides the perfect UV lighting for desert species like Rankins Dragons, though it must be used alongside the right vitamin and calcium supplements. There is a standard calcium powder included, you would just need a good quality vitamin supplement to ensure good health - we would recommend the Komodo Nutri-Cal multivitamin.

The substrate included is desert specific, and engineered for the use with Dragons to ensure a natural environment. There is also a food and water bowl, as well as two caves (one for each end) to ensure your Rankins has a hot and cold hide to utilise, and feels safe and secure throughout the vivarium. There are a few small plants, though more decoration will be required, to your personal taste. We have also included vivarium sealant, to prolong the life of your vivarium and keep it in a good condition. If you want a larger vivarium, and a full range of accessories, have a look at our Rankins Dragon Platinum Kit, which comes with a Viva+ Large Deep vivarium, as well as a host of decorations, supplements and added accessories to provide you with every thing you would need to start with a Rankins Dragon.

At A Glance:

  • VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large - 115cm x 49cm x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22")
  • Heat Bulb, Holder and Digital Thermometer
  • Dimming Thermostat
  • UVB Lighting Unit
  • Substrate
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Hiding Caves
  • Plant Decorations
  • Calcium Dust and Sealant

Items shown in the image are not specific, and are just a representation of the kit contents.

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