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Swell ReptiAir Screen Cage

The perfect mesh terrarium for Chameleons and arboreal pets

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  • Mesh terrarium for Chameleons and arboreal pets
  • Easy to build self-assembly kit
  • A variety of sizes to suit all species
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Excellent as always. My go-to reptile shop, love their own brand goods.
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What is the Swell ReptiAir Screen Cage?

Our Swell Reptiles ReptiAir Screen Cages are a range of highly ventilated enclosures that are made from a non-toxic mesh and offer space for a proper water drainage layer. The enclosures come in a choice of 4 sizes and are all arboreal in design - being taller than they are wide. They come flat packed as 6 panels, and also include a plastic substrate tray, so the bottom can hold a thick layer of substrate and be easily cleaned out.

What features does this mesh enclosure have?

Like similar terrariums from Exo Terra and Zoo Med, Swell ReptiAir Screen Cages are jam-packed with features. Within the material of the side mesh panel is a circular holder for easy access and tiding of cables. The holder can be adjusted to suit however many cables you may have, such as a thermostat and humidity probe. These cages are made of a strong mesh, helping to prevent escapes, although we do not recommend resting electrical equipment on the top panel as can be done with some mesh-topped enclosures. The main door is locked with a hook catch, for easy access whilst maintaining security. The sleek black finish gives a great overall view and the main door is made of clear acrylic, instead of glass, for natural and safe viewing.

What reptiles can live in a mesh enclosure?

These are perfect for species such as Chameleons, that benefit from good ventilation, giving a great breeze. They can be harder to maintain at high temperatures than in enclosed habitats, so are best used in a warmer room to help to maintain a good background heat.



Brand Swell
Colour Black
Country of origin UK


Model Size Base tray Cable tidy dial
SWLR0015 25 x 25 x 32cm Yes Yes
SWLR0016 45 x 45 x 60cm Yes Yes
SWLR0017 45 x 45 x 80cm Yes Yes
SWLR0018 60 x 45 x 90cm No No
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