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Swell ReptiAir Screen Cage

The perfect mesh enclosure for Chameleons and arboreal pets

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  • Mesh terrarium for Chameleons and arboreal pets
  • Easy to build self-assembly kit
  • A variety of sizes to suit all species
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Our Swell Reptiles ReptiAir Screen Cages come with a choice of 4 sizes, and are all arboreal design - being taller than they are wide. They come flat packed as 6 panels, and also include a plastic substrate tray, so the bottom can be easily cleaned out.

Within the side mesh panel is a circular holder for easy access and tiding of cables, which can be adjusted to suit however many cables you may have, such as a thermostat and thermometer probe. These cages are made of a strong mesh, helping to prevent escapees, although we do not recommend resting electrical equipment on the top panel as can be done with some mesh-topped enclosures. The main door is locked with a hook catch, for easy access whilst maintaining security. 

The sleek black finish gives a great overall view. These are perfect for species such as Chameleons, that benefit from good ventilation, giving a great breeze. They can be harder to maintain the temperatures than enclosed habitats, so are best used in a warmer room to help to maintain a good background heat. The main door is made of clear acrylic, for optimum viewing.

The sizes available are:

  • 25 x 25 x 32cm
  • 45 x 45 x 60cm
  • 45 x 45 x 80cm
  • 60 x 45 x 90cm*

*please note - the largest size 60 x 45 x 90cm does not include the plastic base tray, or contain the cable tidy dial in the side panel.

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