Swell Reptile Bark Hide

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Provide your reptile with the privacy that they crave with the Swell Reptile Bark Hide. With its detailed bark and sturdy polyurethane construction your reptile will instantly feel at home in this bark hide.


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Product Information

The Swell Reptile Bark Hide has a robust polyurethane construction and measures an impressive 41cm and displays an intricate bark design that is perfect for simulating the natural habitats of snakes and lizards.

Thanks to the lightweight build and attractive bark design you can be sure that this product will fit securely into your pet's enclosure, and would look great in any desert or rainforest setup.

As well as using it as a hide, lizards like bearded dragons and leopard geckos will enjoy using it as their very own sunbed to soak up the heat and bask just like in the wild. It measures approximately 41cm x 14cm x 22cm (16" x 6" x 8.5").

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