Swell Reptile Corner Feeding Dish

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Let your reptile eat like a king with the Swell Reptile Corner Feeding Dish. Slotting neatly into the corner of the reptile's vivarium the sturdy stone-effect resin dish caters for even the hungriest lizards.


  • Reptile Corner Feeding Dish
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Product Information

The Swell Reptile Corner Feeding Dish is part of Swell's own label range of reptile tank decor. Made from the highest quality non-toxic resin and benefitting from an attractive design aimed at replicating a natural rock pool, this will be a great addition to any reptile vivarium or terrarium.

The resin is tough, durable and easy to clean and will fit right in with your decor, whether you have a desert setup in your vivarium or a moist, humid rainforest terrarium, while the corner shaped design slots in neatly to the corner of the cage, to provide optimum space.

The shallow depth of these dishes makes them ideal for tortoises. The Swell Reptile Corner Feeding Dish measures approximately 15cm x 15cm x 2cm (6" x 6" x 1.5").

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