Swell Reptile Fogger Membranes

Keep your Swell Reptiles Fogger running for longer

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  • Replacement membrane and key for Swell Fogger
  • Tough metal and ceramic design
  • Purpose-built for the Swell Fogger
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An easy way to keep my Swell Fogger at its best.

What are Swell Reptiles Replacement Fogger Membranes?

Swell Reptiles Replacement Fogger Membranes are replacement parts for the Swell Reptiles Fogger. The fogger membrane is the active, moving ceramic cell that vibrates to create a fine fog and increase the moisture content of an enclosure. Over time, even the best ultrasonic foggers' ceramic cell can become coated in impurities from the water they move, such as limescale, which causes them to slow down. This replacement membrane can be swapped out for an old membrane to help you get the most from your fogger.

Why should I buy Swell Reptiles Replacement Fogger Membranes?

If your Swell Reptiles Fogger is underperforming, replacing the membrane should be one of your first moves. It’s always handy to have a replacement membrane to hand, in case something happens to the membrane in your fogger. This allows you to ensure your reptile, amphibian or invertebrate is kept in the humidity it needs.

What is the difference between a fogger and a mist maker?

The biggest difference between a fogger and a mist maker is that a mist maker creates a 'dry haze' with much less moisture within it. However, foggers create a 'wet mist' with a lot of moisture, ideal for many amphibians. Generally, mist makers are more decorative with a slight humidity element, whereas foggers are specifically needed to support the behaviour of animals that require a moisture content greater than that of most enclosures, such as amphibians.

Does the mist sprayed cause mould and is it true that dry mist avoids mould?

While it is true that dry mist avoids mould, it's also possible to avoid mould with wet mist through proper drainage. Dry haze has much less water held within it but if you account for the wet mist sprayed from your ultrasonic fogger you can carefully plan out how that moisture will be collected and even reused. By creating drainage at the correct depth and using the right substrates, you can ensure that even the smallest droplets are fully absorbed preventing unwanted fungus growth.



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