Swell Reptile Fogger

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For a rainforest terrarium there's no better way of creating a realistic mist cloud than with the Swell Reptile Fogger, and at our fantastic own-brand prices, you will struggle to find something as effective in the same league!


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Product Information

An incredibly affordable way to provide fog in your rainforest reptile's terrarium, the Swell Reptiles Fogger uses a mere 12w of electricity and can be yours for less than £20!

Rainforest reptiles require plenty of humidity to thrive, helping them develop their slime coat, mucus membranes and helping with respiration, and the Swell Reptiles Fogger helps you provide those high humidity levels with a cool looking fog effect.

Using ultrasonic technology, choose a reservoir of your choice like a shallow waterdish around 5-8cm deep and let it get to work creating an eerie thick fog for your reptile, containing within the glass of your terrarium.

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