Swell Reptile Ramp Water Dish

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Swell's own Reptile Ramp Water Dish allows easy access for your reptiles and makes it safer to bath and drink from due to an easy escape, even for smaller reptiles.


  • Reptile Ramp Water Dish
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Product Information

This Swell Reptile Ramp Water Dish not only looks like an authentic rock-pool your reptile might drink from in the wild, but it also makes drinking and bathing safer for your reptile.

It's made from non-toxin resin that doesn't feature porous properties, keeping all the water in the rock pool itself, and therefore it doesn't degrade in humid terrarium atmospheres or leach toxins into your reptile's drinking water.

It features a subtle rock-like ramp from it's base up to the water-pool, giving your reptile easy access to their water.

Dimensions: 19cm x 17cm x 4.5cm.

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