Swell Reptiles Arid Plants Pack

Kickstart your arid terrarium with these exotic collections

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A brilliant way to get started with arid plants.


What are Swell Reptiles Arid Plants?

Swell Reptiles Arid Plants are an assortment of drought-tolerant plants chosen by our reptile live plant distributors. The live plants are chosen at random and can include Aloe, Echeveria, Sedum, Hatiora, Gasteria and Haworthia as well as other succulent plants. These plants love to be in full sun and are ideal for planted terrariums, where they can thrive and grow. The two options we offer are the Arid Plant Mini Kit, which comes with 6 plants, and the Arid Plant Collection, which comes with 20 live plants. The vast majority of the live plants are sold no larger than eight inches in size and can develop substantially.

Why should I buy Swell Reptiles Arid Plants?

Unlike other plants, arid plants have adapted to the arid environments of deserts where they have little water, well-drained soil and the constant heat of the sun. This gives arid plants a completely unique look, foliage and personality to other plants and can make caring for them very rewarding. These live plants can also develop and grow into much larger specimens over time and may even be suitable for landscape design when fully developed.

What plants can grow in arid climates?

While you may not associate desert climates with lush and verdant plant growth, there are actually many species of live plants that thrive in arid climates. Arid plants have developed long roots, to seek out deep deposits of water, and smaller flowers and leaves, to preserve any water collected. Examples of plants from arid climates include succulents and cacti.

How do you make an arid garden?

Creating an arid garden at home is easiest when done in a terrarium or vivarium, where you can precisely recreate the exact temperature and humidity you desire. In most cases, the key is to plant your arid plants in loose, well-drained soil and carefully control the conditions the plant is in. A common mistake is forgetting to water arid plants enough, while these plants are used to dry climates they still need the occasional moisture or rain to ensure their development.

Image is for illustration purpose only. Plant sizes will vary.



Size Number of plants
Swell Reptiles Arid Plant Mini Kit 6
Swell Reptiles Arid Plant Collection 20


Selection Random assortment
Possible species (examples) Aloe, Echeveria, Sedum, Hatiora, Gasteria or Haworthia
Suitable conditions High and dry heat
Average plant size 8 inches
Suitable for a vivarium? Yes, as long as vivarium sealant is used
Suitable for artificial light? Yes, 12 hours of artificial light a day
Watering frequency Water every 2 weeks or so, this can be upped to weekly in Summer, dropped to monthly in Winter.
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