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Swell Reptiles Bioactive Starter Bundle

A great little kit for starting off with Bioactive Custodians

At a glance...
  • A bundle of live bioactive custodians that are ideal for keeping terrariums in top condition
  • Includes a mix of Springtails, Woodlice and worms
  • Great savings on buying in a bundle, the perfect starter set
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What is the Swell Reptiles Bioactive Starter Bundle?

A great little kit for starting off with Bioactive Custodians, complete with Springtails, Woodlice and Worms. 

This kit includes:

  • Swell Live Springtails
  • Swell Mini Speckled Woodlice
  • Swell Orange Woodlice
  • Swell Tropical Grey Woodlice
  • Swell Small Dendrobaena Worms

What are Swell Live Springtails?

Swell Live Springtails Pre-Packs are containers filled with lively Springtails (sometimes called 'Spring tails' erroneously) an outstanding species of bioactive custodians that will both challenge your reptiles and feed them. These Springtails are small insects that only measure a few millimetres long, making them great food for small pets, such as Dart Frogs or Mourning Geckos. These bugs breed readily in the right rainforest terrarium set-up and do an exceptional job of breaking down organic waste, so it doesn't build up and go mouldy in the enclosure. Springtails also allow plants to use their waste to their advantage and thrive from it. When bioactive enclosures work correctly they are extremely efficient with little need for upkeep.

What are Mini Speckled Woodlice?

The Swell Reptiles Mini Speckled Woodlice are the perfect addition to your bioactive enclosure, acting as a clean-up crew to maintain your terrarium. A range of bioactive custodians can create a complete ecosystem that breaks down waste in your reptile housing, meaning less cleaning for you and a better and more natural home for your reptiles.

What are Giant Orange Woodlice?

A Giant orange woodlice Pre-Pack is a starter culture for a Giant orange woodlice colony within your vivarium or terrarium that comes in a plastic container. Giant orange woodlice act as a clean-up crew, or custodians, within bioactive set-ups to remove waste. These terrarium custodians are also a source of live food for many reptiles and amphibians, including Frogs, Bearded dragons, Leopard geckos, Monitor lizards and Skinks. The larger specimens can also be served directly to your reptile, as a live treat, in a smooth-sided dish to avoid escapes.

Unlike other woodlice species, the Giant orange woodlice Porcellio species tends to prefer a constantly damp and humid microclimate which normally means they are suited for rainforest enclosures. In order to get this larger species of isopod set up and breeding before being hunted by your pet, we would recommend getting these in first, before adding any pets, for around 10 - 14 days. When caring for the species, it's important to provide maximum ventilation but you won't need to worry about insect food as long as they have some live plants or waste to feed off.

What are Live Tropical Grey Woodlice?

Swell Live Tropical Grey Woodlice Pre-Pack are specially bred woodlice designed to be used as an ongoing food source in a bio-active set-up. These Woodlice will breed readily in forest-type set-ups, helping to keep things clean and healthy for your pets. Matched with creatures such as Springtails, the Woodlice will provide also offer plenty of food for smaller species like Dart frogs.

What are Dendrobaena Earthworms?

The small worms are a species called Dendrobaena Small, and are a wonderful food for exotic pets, in particular lizards - especially for fussy eaters, Western hognose snakes. With how the worms are sensitive to light, they will squirm and look more appetizing to your pet - therefore providing an interest in food. The small worms are succulent and juicy for your lizard. Our boxes contain approximately 35 worms in total, contained in soil to keep them fresh - especially for during transit. These will last around 7-10 days and are best kept in cooler conditions.

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