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The perfect way to add to your Bromeliad collection.

What are Swell Reptiles Bromeliad Plants?

Swell Reptiles Bromeliad plants are an assortment of both epiphytic Bromeliad plants, sometimes called air plants, and non-epiphytic Bromeliad plants. The live plants are random pups that have been cultivated from a mother plant and come from a variety of species, including Vriesea, Neoregelia, Nidularium, Guzmania and Cryptanthus as well as other plants from the Bromeliad family. These slow-growing plants love bright light and high humidity, making them ideal for a rainforest terrarium. The two options we offer are the Bromeliad Plant Mini Kit, which comes with 6 randomly chosen live plants, and the Bromeliad Plant Collection, which comes with 20 randomly chosen live plants. Most bromeliads sold in these kits are no larger than 8 inches but can develop into much larger plants over time and even become a parent plant to another generation of Bromeliads.

Why should I buy Swell Reptiles Bromeliad Plants?

Bromeliads thrive in the moist and warm climate of the rainforest and have adapted to their unique environment, making them a unique challenge for exotic gardeners. Most Bromeliads are epiphytic, which means that they can grow in the open air and don't need to be planted, in fact, they can develop root rot when embedded in the soil. The live plants also reproduce by creating smaller pups from the main plant, which make fantastic gifts for friends and gives them the chance to grow Bromeliads of their own. Many species have beautiful flowers as well, designed to attract hummingbirds, although they are only able to flower once in their lifespan.

Do Bromeliads only flower once?

Yes, most Bromeliad plants are only able to bloom once, often in spectacular and bright colours. This is a sign that the plant has matured and is ready to start producing offspring. After the flower dies, you will start to see new plants growing from the dying mother plant. These live plants should be carefully cared for and will slowly detach from the parent. It is a good idea to provide a little orchid compost to these baby plants to ensure their growth and development, however, this must also be kept to a minimum to avoid root rot.

Are Bromeliads indoor or outdoor plants?

While Bromeliads are typically found outdoors in nature, the British climate is far too harsh and cold for the majority of species. Bromeliads should be treated as indoor plants in the UK and be kept within a terrarium or vivarium for correct bromeliad plant care. In a terrarium, you will be able to carefully control the heat and moisture levels to ensure that the conditions are perfect for your Bromeliad.

Image is for illustration purpose only. Plant sizes will vary.



Size Number of plants
Swell Reptile Bromeliad Plant Mini Kit 6
Swell Reptile Bromeliad Plant Collection 20


Selection Random assortment
Possible species Vriesea, Neoregelia, Nidularium, Guzmania or Cryptanthus
Suitable conditions High and wet heat
Average plant size 8 inches
Suitable for a vivarium? Yes, as long as vivarium sealant is used
Suitable for artificial light? Yes, sporadic artificial light is advised
Watering frequency (Epiphytic Bromeliads) - simply ensure the cup remains filled with water. (Terrestrial Bromeliads) - ensure the soil remains damp, but not waterlogged.
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