Swell Royal Python Starter Kit - Gold

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Swell Royal Python Gold Kit provides the very best equipment for the serious Ball Python keeper. The Gold kit gives you everything you need to look after your reptile going forward, including a large vivarium, and the right heating, lighting and decoration to keep your pet safe and happy.


  • Royal Python Gold Oak UVB
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  • Royal Python Gold Walnut UVB
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  • Royal Python Gold Beech UVB
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  • Royal Python Gold Black UVB
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Product Information

The Royal Python Gold Kit is designed to give you everything you need to keep a Royal it a natural habitat. The Gold Kit is aimed at owners of adult Royals or other larger species of Python. This kit comes with the option of having UVB or LED lighting, whichever you would prefer.

The Royal Python, or Ball Python, is one of the most popular snakes among breeders. Royals are chunky snakes and very friendly and relaxed, and unlike corn snakes they are not very wriggly so great for new handlers. Another reason why Pythons are popular is they can be bred for their genetic mutations, and can produce weird and wonderful colours and patterns called morphs.

Royal Pythons are native to the forest floors of Africa and as their name suggests like to curl up in a ball in a cosy hiding place like a tree stump, and will always hide as their first instinct, rather than striking.

A Royal python's vivarium should not be too large and spacious. If a large vivarium is used it must be filled with caves, leaves and hides, so the pythons feels secure and cosy, as too much free space can be unnerving to them. Extra additional items to complete this kit include disinfectant, and a holder to protect your heat mat and ensure its more efficient.

What's in the Royal Python Kit?

  • ReptiHome Medium Vivarium 86cm x 37.5 x 42 (34" x 15" x 16.5")
  • Heat Mat and Thermostat
  • Large Reptile Caves
  • Large Water Dish
  • Substrate
  • Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Decorative Plants
  • Vivarium Lock
  • LED or UVB lighting

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