Swell Sedge Peat

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Swell Reptiles own brand Sedge Peat, available in a handy 10 litre bag, is great for a variety of species, and can be mixed easily with other substrates to create the perfect environment for your pet.


  • Sedge Peat - 10ltr
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Product Information

Sedge Peat is a rich soil, that is perfect for burrowing species, allowing them to dig and move the earth easily. It can hold a great amount of moisture, and so it great for species that require a more humid environment, not becoming as dry as normal soil tends to do.

Its versatility means it can be used on its own for species such as Scorpions, but also mixed through other substrate, such as orchid or soil, to create the best substrate for any species, especially rainforest species, giving a great humidity and natural environment for them.

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