Swell Sexing Probe set (3 - Pcs)

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Providing you know what you are doing, you can use this Swell Sexing Probe set (3 - Pcs) to quickly determine the sex of your reptiles, allowing you to hosue and breed them correctly.


  • Probe Set (3 - Pcs)
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Product Information

It is not easy to determine the sex of a snake. This three piece set of probes can be used to work out if your snake is male or female. This is important when placing two snakes together.

The probe is inserted into the vent (sometimes called the cloaca). If it won't go in very far then the snake is probably female, if it will slide in then it's probably male as the male sex organs leave a space in this area.

This high quality set contains three probes in a useful case. Well made and durable this kit is available at a great price from Swell Reptiles.

If you are at all unsure of how to sex a snake, then it is vital to check with your vet. The procedure can cause injury if not done correctly.

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    Date 23/08/2018 22:08pm
    Swell Probe Set (3 - Pcs)
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    these In my honest opinion, needed to be rounded off: with a dremel/handheld mini multi-tool. As these edges could, of been finished off better an where a bit sharp.
    Once smoothed, and filed to a rounded tip, these do a very nice job at sexing your baby/Neonate Morelia Sp.

    So, if, you are happy to manually soften the edges, these will do you well.
    I would suggest doing this for the probing safety of your animals! Obviously the more expensive probes are perfectly rounded and finished of beautifully. (From a different supplier).
    Otherwise for the price the overall quality is right in the mark, so to speak.