Swell Sexing Probe Set (5 - Pcs)

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Work out your reptile breeding and housing options using this Swell Reptiles Sexing Probe Set (5 - Pcs) - allowing you to find out exactly what you are keeping so you can make informed decisions.


  • Probe Set (5 - Pcs)
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Product Information

This 5 piece sexing kit is supplied in a handy pouch.

Containing varying sizes of probes for different breeds and sizes of snake this handy kit can help you determine the gender of snakes before breeding or housing together.

To use, slide the probe into the vent or cloaca near the tail. If it will not slide in much further then the snake is probably female, whilst if it does move in further it is likely to be a male. This is because the male sex organs are either side of the vent, leaving more space.

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However, it is very important that you check with a vet beforehand if you are a novice or unsure, as the procedure can cause injury if done incorrectly.

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    Date 24/11/2015 06:11am
    Swell Probe Set (5 - Pcs)
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    Date 26/07/2015 10:07am
    Swell Probe Set (5 - Pcs)
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    good value
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    Date 22/02/2015 09:02am
    Swell Probe Set (5 - Pcs)
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    Made from poor quality metal with rough ends. You can see the marks in metal where its been filed which considering their use is not good. I am considering returning them.