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The European Eyed Lizard is a agile terrestrial reptile found in European Countries such as Spain, France and Portugal. The family they are included in also consists of wall lizards - which are smaller and differ in appearance - but our European Eyed lizard (or Ocellated lizard) will grow up to be green in appearance with black patterns down the back and blue spots on the sides. They naturally inhabit open, arid woodland, scrub land and grassland habitats taking refuge in burrows, vegetation and rocky outcrops. They can be a challenge to handle, and may not be as easily tamed as some other species but are diurnally active and very intelligent so make fascinating pets.

Product Information

The European Eyed Lizard is a decent sized, active and very intelligent animal that requires a lot of space. It is important to prepare for a minimum of a 5 x 2 x 2ft enclosure, though more space is beneficial, and additionally fill this space with plenty of enrichment and decor. For example, a variety of branches, logs, rocks and foliage can be used to create a natural environment and provide good opportunity for exercise and stimulation. To make the area even more stimulating, why not move this decor around every now and then so the animal has to re-explore! Your decor should also include some good hiding spots where your lizard can escape view as well as heat and UV - these can come in the form of cork pieces, caves or dense foliage. For the substrate of your enclosure an arid, sandy mix is recommended, as it will not raise humidity levels and is a good loose material for digging and burrowing - similar qualities should be considered for other alternatives.

To provide your lizard with a good heat gradient, an effective heating system is essential, for example a basking bulb or ceramic heat emitter. The hottest area of the tank should remain 35-37C and cooler areas should be around 22 - 25C at the other end. During the night, these temperatures can drop to as low as 15C - which will mimic natural temperature drops experienced in a wild setting. Any heat source will need to be thermostatically controlled to ensure the safety of your pet, and temperatures monitored with an accurate digital thermometer. To provide your lizard with sufficient UVB which allows them to absorb key nutrients efficiently and use them to remain healthy and develop well, an adequate UV strip bulb is required, such as Arcadia's 12% T5 (Strength is dependent on the height of the enclosure). This is an essential piece of their equipment, along with the heat source, and without these bulbs a European Eyed Lizard would suffer from very poor health. This bulb will be used in a 12 hour cycle and will need replacing every 12 months to ensure it is still effective - this life span may change depending on the bulb brand. After the lifespan of the bulb is up, it will no longer be emitting UV, even if it is still lit.

Your European eyed lizard is an omnivorous species, and will feed on a variety of live food such as crickets, locust, cockroaches, worms and beetle grubs, as well as vegetation and even the occasional mouse pinky or egg. Variety is key in providing a suitable diet so ensure you mix it up a bit every now and then. Any food items will need to be dusted with calcium, multivitamins and D3 - in a relevant feeding rota, to ensure the diet provides all the necessary nutrition for your lizard to grow and remain healthy. It is also beneficial to gut load live food to make them even more nutritious.

Swell SuperStore European Eyed Lizard:

  • Current Age/Size - 20cm approx (10cm Snout to vent)
  • Adult Expected Size - 2 - 2.5ft
  • Habitat - Open, arid woodland, scrub land and grassland habitats in European Countries such as Spain, France and Portugal. Terrestrial living
  • Required Enclosure Size - 5 x 2 x 2ft
  • UV Lighting - 3 - 4 UVI (T5 12% - depending on the height of the enclosure)
  • Expected Lifespan - 8 - 12 Years
  • Temperature Gradient - 22 - 37C
  • Humidity Levels - 40 - 50%
  • Feeding - Omnivorous - Live food such as crickets, locust, cockroaches, worms and beetle grubs, vegetation and occasional mouse pinky or egg
  • Handling - Can be a challenge to handle but sometimes tamed in captivity.

If you like the look of these animals, and would like any further information, please call the shop directly on 0161 351 4705, or contact them for more images or information at shop@swelluk.com.

PLEASE NOTE - If you are looking to purchase a particular animal we would require photos of the set up the animal will be going in. Photos should include one of the whole set up and one of the lighting detailing uv strengths and temps as well as thermostat. We would recommend you provide these before travelling to us, via email.

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