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Fire Salamanders are a terrestrial amphibian species found in forest floor habitats across Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. They are black in colour, with vibrant splodges of yellow down their bodies, each one with a unique pattern. Although by adulthood they live on land, they are commonly found near fresh water streams and rivers (where they begin the first stages of their lives) hidden amongst dense vegetation and rocks. Being amphibious, this species cannot be handled due to extremely sensitive skin. Contact from our skin can cause damage and discomfort. Saying this, especially with such bright colours, they still make nice pets to keep.

Product Information

Fire Salamanders are a terrestrial living species of amphibian that prefer a damp, forest floor type habitats with a good water source. To house 1-2 salamanders, a minimum of a 90 x 45 x 45cm terrarium should be used, though they will benefit from more space, to ensure that the individuals have adequate space to exercise as well as evade each other when they wish to. When housing a pair, you should always aim for 2 females as they are less territorial than males. A male-female pair would over breed and this leads to unnecessary stress on the female which can prove extremely detrimental so this is also not recommended. With multiple individuals it is essential that health and well being are monitored, even for female-female pairs. Your tank should have a good moisture holding substrate such as soil with layers of moss and leaf litter on top. This creates a more natural setting and gives the salamanders cover. It is also important to have a variety of lower branches, tubes, cork pieces, rocks and vegetation in your tank, to create a more stimulating and beneficial environment for the salamanders. As they are a docile, non-destructive species, why not try using live plants?

Fire Salamanders do not require high temperatures and the hottest the tank should be is only around 24C. Heat mats may be sufficient for this, but any heat source will need attaching to a thermostat, especially as your salamander can experience heat stress if temperatures exceed above the required. Temperatures should always be monitored with an accurate digital thermometer. The cooler areas of the tank can remain around 20C or even slightly lower, ensuring escape from the warm when needed. During the night, the tank temperatures can drop to around 15C, which would be similar to the heat drop experienced in the wild. This will create a day/night cycle. A UVB bulb should also be used to promote good health and create a natural setting, ensuring key nutrients are effectively used in the body and creating day and night periods when used in a 12 hour cycle. Arcadia's Shade Dweller or 6% T5 - depending on the height of the enclosure - are good examples of relevant bulbs. Any UV will require changing every 6 - 12 months, after which the UV would have faded away despite the bulb possibly still glowing.

Humidity is an essential aspect of the salamanders environment, especially as moisture is taken in via the skin. To achieve humidity of around 60 - 75%, which can be measured with an accurate digital hygrometer, you should regularly mist, use moisture holding substrates, and perhaps use fogging systems as well as having a good sized water source. It is additionally vital that any water entering the environment is de-chlorinated, as chlorine on the salamanders skin can be extremely damaging and cause drying out - this can be done with a liquid additive such as Zoo Meds Reptisafe. Water sources such as pools or dishes need to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria build up. Humidity can also mean that mould grows in the terrarium which will need removing straight away - spring tails and other 'clean up crew' can be useful at keeping the mould at bay.

Fire Salamanders will feed on a good variety of live food such as crickets, locust, earth worms and calci worms. Food provided will additionally require supplementation with good quality calcium, multivitamins and D3 - in the necessary rota. These will ensure that the diet of your animal isn't lacking and the body has all essential nutrition for development and health maintenance. They will not need feeding every day, and a regime of every other day is better for keeping them in a healthy weight.

Swell SuperStore Fire Salamander:

  • Current Age/Size - 2 inches approx
  • Adult Expected Size - 7 - 10 inches
  • Habitat - Forest floor habitats close by streams amongst natural debris. Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. Terrestrial living.
  • Required Enclosure Size - 90 x 45 x 45cm (1-2 individuals)
  • UV Lighting - 1 - 2 UVI (Shade dweller or 6% T5 - enclosure height dependent)
  • Expected Lifespan - 24 - 30 Years
  • Temperature Gradient - 20 - 24C
  • Humidity Levels - 60 - 75%
  • Feeding - Live food such as crickets, locust, earth worms and calci worms
  • Handling - Cannot be handled due to extremely sensitive skin. Contact from our skin can cause damage and discomfort.

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