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The Green Paddy Frog, leaf frog or common green frog is an amphibian species found throughout South East Asia. They tend to be green in colour though there are also variations of blue. In this species, females tend to be larger than males, though both can reach a couple of inches or more. The species feed primarily on insects and live a mainly nocturnal lifestyle. This species are also very adaptive in their habitat choices, taking full advatage of human activities such as agricultral sites and ponds. Being amphibians these frogs cannot be handled due to their porous and extremely sensitive skin but they would thrive in a naturally planted setting so are still a nice addition to any collection.


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To provide this species with adequate space, we suggest a 90 x 45 x 45cm - which could house a pair. For live foliage the height can be beneficial, and although they are not strictly arboreal in their behaviours, they are a quick and agile frog that will take full advantage of any décor provided including Branches, dense foliage, cork bark and rock work. For their high humidity needs a soil or soil mix should be used as substrate. This along with moss and leaf litter, will help in sufficient cover and creating a more natural environment. It will also be important to provide a large water dish, especially as they are naturally found around water sources and are strong swimmers.

Paddy frogs are best kept with a warm area of around 25-26C, which is best reached with a basking bulb, as heat mats tend to only be sufficient at reaching lower temperatures. Any heat source will need attaching to the relevant thermostat to ensure the safety of your pet and prevent over heating. These temperatures can also drop to around 15C at night; this mimicking a natural temperature drop that the wild habitat would provide. Any temperatures should be consistently monitored with an accurate digital thermometer. Your frogs would also naturally be exposed to some UVB, despite living in dense vegetation and being mainly nocturnal. This will make a beneficial addition to your terrarium and boosts good health and a natural setting. A good example of a bulb to use would be Arcadia's 6% ProT5 (height dependent), which should be used in a 12 hour cycle, replacing the bulb every 12 months as the UV will fade away (lifespan is bulb dependent).

Another essential aspect to any amphibians environment is humidity, especially as although frogs don't physically drink, they absorb moisture through the skin. Good quality, moisture holding substrates, live plants, spraying and foggers can all contribute to raising this to the required levels of between 70-80% - this being measured using an accurate digital hygrometer. Any water going in to the tank should always be de-chlorinated, as chlorine has a drying effect on the frogs skin which can cause long lasting damage and discomfort. This is also relevant for any water dishes that are placed in the tank. This dish can have a decent depth to provide sufficient swimming opportunity.

Paddy Frogs are insectivores feeding on a variety of insects in captivity, such as crickets, cockroaches and locust. Feeding should take place every couple of days into adulthood, depending on the meal. It is important to use good quality calcium, multivitamins and D3 as well as a vitamin A supplement - specific for tissue growth in frog species which can often suffer neurological issues. These powders will be applied to the prey items and should be used in a specified regime to ensure the diet provides all the nutrients required by the frogs body in the correct amounts.

Swell SuperStore Green Paddy Frog:

  • Current Age/Size - Around 2 inches
  • Adult Expected Size - 1.5 - 3 inches (gender dependent)
  • Habitat - Tropical or subtropical forests, freshwater lakes, marshes, as well as human settlements and agricultural land.
  • Required Enclosure Size - 90 x 45 x 45 cm
  • UV Lighting - 2 - 3 UVI (6% ProT5 - height dependent)
  • Expected Lifespan - 5 - 7 years
  • Temperature Gradient - 22-26C
  • Humidity Levels - 70-80%
  • Feeding - Insectivore - Live food such as crickets, locusts, cockroaches.
  • Handling - Not For Handling, Amphibious species have extremely sensitive skin, Contact with ours causes damage and discomfort.

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