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There are two subspecies of Hermanns tortoise; western and eastern. The slightly larger of the two and the most common is the Eastern Hermanns which inhabits forested, arid and scrub areas of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. They usually have a docile nature but become physically difficult to handle the larger they get, especially as they don't particularly enjoy being suspended, but they will happily roam, feed and allow for some interaction so still make an interesting pet. The Hermann's shell is a light yellow-tan colour with dark markings.


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Hermanns are a species of tortoise originating from Southern Europe and inhabiting arid, forest habitats as well as rocky scrub. For many months of the year, their daily activities would involve roaming miles of harsh environment foraging for vegetation, basking or seeking mates. Hibernation takes place during the colder seasons, to allow the tortoise to save energy when there is a lack of food and heat. In captivity this isn't necessary as there will always be access to food and basking opportunity, though they do still seem to become sluggish around the time of year. Being diurnally active, most of their activity will take place during daylight hours, giving plenty of opportunity to see your pet. Handling of your tortoise will become difficult as it grows as they do not enjoy being suspended, and they are quite large making it physically difficult to comfortable hold them.

The housing for a tortoise comes best in the form of a tortoise table, which will allow for the best airflow - essential for a species that are prone to respiratory infections in an enclosed vivarium. For an adult you will require a table of at least 5x3ft in size, though it is highly recommended to utilise as much space as possible due to their roaming habits. This table should incorporate a sufficient amount of hiding opportunity so your tortoise feels secure, and also a number of decor additions such as rocks, wood and vegetation - live vegetation can double as a great nutritional opportunity. Tortoises will not be able to climb, but are built to tackle rough terrain and lower obstacles which will make their enclosure more mentally stimulating and a more natural setting. Substrates such as ProRep Tortoise Life will also help make the setting more natural and provide good digging and burrowing opportunity.

An essential consideration for your table is the heating and lighting for which there are a couple of options. These include mercury vapour bulb (heat and UV in one bulb), though these will need to be attached to a movable bracket for temperature regulation as they cannot be thermostatically controlled. For more information about Tortoise Table Lighting, see our blog. The Horsfield will require a basking of around 32C at one end, with the cooler end displaying temperatures of round 22 - 25C. All temperatures can be measured with an accurate digital thermometer. During the night temperatures can safely drop to 15C. UV should always be used in a 12 hour cycle and replaced regularly (it will depend on the bulb to how often). After the lifespan of the bulb is up, it will no longer be emitting UV, so needs to be kept on top of.

It is essential to have a shallow water dish within the enclosure to ensure your tortoise is able to get into the dish for drinking and bathing, these dishes will need regular cleaning. To keep a healthy tortoise you will need to provide a good variety of veg, weeds and live plants, on which a calcium and multivitamin should be dusted in a relevant routine - these will ensure that a healthy and nutritionally valuable diet is provided.

Swell SuperStore Hermann Tortoise:

  • Current Age/Size - 4 inches approx
  • Adult Expected Size - 7-10 inches
  • Habitat - Forested, arid and scrub areas of Southern Europe. Terrestrial living.
  • Required Enclosure Size - 5 x 3ft minimum
  • UV Lighting - 3 - 4 UVI (mercury vapour, or 12% T5 - height dependent)
  • Expected Lifespan - 80 years +
  • Temperature Gradient - 20 - 32C
  • Humidity Levels - 40 - 50%
  • Feeding - Herbivores - good variety of veg, plants and weeds.
  • Handling - Handling can become physically difficult with size, but usually docile easily tamed.

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