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Giant African Land Snails are the largest of all terrestrial species of snail. They are found in forest habitats of East Africa and have been introduced into a number of other places such as Asia and even Caribbean islands. Our Jade Snails differ from the wild type colouration of plain brown shells and a brow-grey body; their bodies are white-yellow in colouration and there shells are striped with shades of browns and yellows - though this cant be seen yet in our juveniles. Although these snails are safe to handle, they may not be very tolerant of it and prolonged exposure to dry hands can become uncomfortable so they are not a pet to have out very often.


  • Jade African Land Snails
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Giant African Land Snails are a large species preferring a social environment of at least one other friend, so a decent amount of space is required, even with their snail pace! 2 individuals may live comfortably in a 60 x 45 x 45 cm terrarium - or similar sized, ventilated plastic container (snail size dependent), where are 3 - 4 individuals will benefit from 90 cm across as a minimum. This species are often kept in containers such as R.U.B's - which can be great at holding humidity - but ensure you choose a good sized one. An important aspect of this species environment is a good depth of loose substrate such as soil - in which they can burrow down. Soil is also great as keeping humidity. Layers of moss and leaf litter should also be added to hold moisture and create a more natural setting. It is also a good idea to add a variety of cork pieces and smaller branches for your snails to take refuge under as well as use for some enrichment.

These snails will not require specific lighting, though you may decide to use a small LED to create a day/night cycle as well as make your snails easier to view. They will however need to be kept warm, at around 25C. To reach this, it may be necessary to use a small heat source such as a heat mat - which should always be thermostatically controlled to ensure your environment doesn't overheat and dry out. Another safety precaution, especially if you choose to house them in a plastic container, is that the heat mat will require a certain amount of airflow between the mat and the container. Night temperature can remain as room temperature and most likely wont require additional heating as long as they don't drop too far below 15C. Temperatures can be measured using an accurate digital thermometer to ensure your system is working effectively. This heat source should also be placed to one side on the enclosure, ensuring sufficient escape for the snails if need be.

Humidity is another important aspect of the environment created for your snails. This species require high amounts of humidity; around 70-90% which can be reached with good substrate choices such as soil and moss, and regular spraying on the environment. It is always best to de-chlorinate water before it enters the snails environment, eradicating the risk of the effects of chlorine on the skin. Humidity can be measured with an accurate digital hygrometer. When conditions such as temperature and humidity are incorrect - your snails can seal themselves into their shells. Should this happen, the conditions need to be re-assessed before your snail will come our into the environment.

African Land Snails are a herbivorous species, which you can feed a variety of fruit and veg to - preferring leafy greens. Food will not need dusting with any supplements, but it is important to provide cuttle bone in the environment, which will create another great nutritional opportunity and assist in keeping the shell strong. A good example of cuttle bone you can use is Komodo's Cuttlebone Discs.

Swell SuperStore African Land Snails:

  • Current Age/Size - x 3 Sub-adults 9 - 10 cm (shell) approx / 10+ juveniles 1 - 2 cm (shell) approx
  • Adult Expected Size - 20 cm
  • Habitat - Forest habitats of East Africa. Terrestrial living
  • Required Enclosure Size - 60 x 45 x 45cm or similar sized plastic container (2 snails) 90cm (3 - 4 snails)
  • UV Lighting - Not required
  • Expected Lifespan - 3 - 5 Years
  • Temperature Gradient - 20 - 25C
  • Humidity Levels - 70 - 90%
  • Feeding - Herbivorous species - variety of fruit and veg
  • Handling - Safe to handle, but may not be very tolerant and prolonged exposure to dry hands can become uncomfortable.

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