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The ladder snake is a non-venomous snake species is endemic to southwestern Europe. Here, It inhabits areas with plenty of bush cover, such as vineyards and hedges as well as human settlements and stone walls. It is also common in Mediterranean woodland though rocky habitats seem to be preferred. This species tend to be diurnal in their activities although in a wild setting many seem to avoid the hottest parts of the day during the summer months becoming more crepuscular (dawn and dusk active) in their activity. Whenever they choose to emerge they are one of the more active species seeming to cross larger distances than some of their relatives. They can be handled, particularly when they have been worked with, so make a more hands on pet.


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Ladder snakes are part of the colubrid family which also includes corn snakes and king snakes though their localities are different. They can grow to around 4 - 5ft, with the females being larger, and tend to have a lifespan of around 15 - 20 years. They are quite a compact snake, and not very large bodied, so do well in an enclosure around 4ftx2ftx2ft for an adult. They are diurnally active, and enjoy using the space in their enclosure, so décor is essential to create enough opportunity for movement, climbing and cover. Décor could include branches, foliage, rock work, cork bark and tunnels.

As with any reptile there needs to be a good heat gradient within the vivarium, giving them a hot end of around 30-32C, going down to about 22C at the cool end, and including a drop to around 15C overnight to replicate a natural night time drop. This can be achieved best with the use of a basking bulb or ceramic bulb, anything used should be controlled with a thermostat, and any bulbs will require a bulb guard on them as well, as snakes do have a tendency to wrap around bulbs. A heat mat could be used as a non-light emitting heat source for overnight, ensuring that the snakes get a good day and night cycle as well, though this would depend on temperatures reached when the heating goes out, and may not be necessary. As with all snakes, Ladder snakes are often kept without UVB, however it has been shown to be extremely beneficial for their general health and well-being, boosting their immune systems and overall wellness, so a low level, such as the Arcadia ShadeDweller is highly recommeneded, alternatively, for the larger vivarium's such as the adult 2ft tall, a 6% strip with reflector will be more beneficial.

It is important to have a few options for the Ladder Snake to hide in, ideally at least one on the hot and one on the cold end, though more is beneficial, even if its just a hidden area created with plants over a branch, giving a shaded area underneath, but caves and cork pieces are a good start. A water bowl, ideally large enough for the snake to submerge in, helps to keep them hydrated, as well as helping with shedding if required. This should be located on the cooler end, so as not to encourage humidity in the vivarium.

For substrate, Ladder Snakes can be kept on a soft wood, such as soft chip or orchid bark or on a more natural sand/soil mix, replicating their natural habitat more. The sand mix ensures that the soil is not too humid on its own. This should be spot cleaned as needed, as snakes do tend to only defecate once a week, and then fully cleaned on a regular basis, ideally every couple of months.

Ladder Snakes are best fed on frozen thawed rodents, ideally mice, going up in size as they grow. An adult may reach the size to take a young rat, though mice tend to be sufficient and more likely to keep the snake in weight. As youngsters that are still growing, weekly feeding is ideal, though this may be extended to every other week for adults, using their body condition to judge this.

Swell SuperStore Ladder Snake:

  • Current Age/Size - Hatchling (20 - 25cm approx)
  • Adult Expected Size - 4 - 5 feet
  • Habitat - Inhabits vineyards, hedges, human settlements and Mediterranean woodland.
  • Required Enclosure Size - 4ftx2ftx2ft
  • UV Lighting - 2-3 UVI (use of shadedweller or 6% UVB enclosure height dependent)
  • Expected Lifespan - 15 - 20 Years
  • Temperature Gradient - 22C - 32C
  • Humidity Levels - 40 - 50%
  • Feeding - Defrosted mammals once weekly (mice recommended)
  • Handling - Docile, usually easily handled. One person handle. Handling to be avoided 48 hours after feeding and when shedding.

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