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The Pac Man frog, also known as the Horned Frog, is a large species of terrestrial frog originating from South America. They are a light green colour on the top of the body, with darker brown patterns and yellow around the mouth and legs. They are rarely active, favouring lying in wait for potential prey passing their previously dug out earthy crevices, moving only to pounce or seek an even better spot for food. Being amphibious, this species isn't for handling due to the extreme sensitivity of the skin - contact with our skin can cause lasting damage and discomfort.

Product Information

The Pac Man frog is a fairly inactive species that will tend to burrow into the earth, remaining in the same spot for weeks or even months at a time! The 'pac man' in the name refers to their large mouth, which coincides with a large appetite and enthusiastic feeding, making them an entertaining pet to watch. To provide them with adequate space, we suggest a 60 x 45 x 30cm - not making use of much height. Saying this, if you wish to plant live foliage it may be more beneficial to add some, for example a 45cm tall allowing for growth. To allow for their burrowing habits, particularly when they are large adults, a thick layer of loose substrate should be used, preferably a soil or soil mix which will also aid in humidity. Despite their lack of activity, it is still recommended to have a variety of decor pieces such as cork bark and foliage, as well as leaf litter, ensuring they have sufficient cover and creating a more natural environment.

Unlike many other frog species which prefer colder temperatures, the pan man frog requires a basking temperature of at least 28C. This is best reached with a basking bulb, as heat mats tend to only be sufficient at reaching lower temperatures. Any heat source will need attaching to the relevant thermostat to ensure the safety of your pet and prevent over heating. These temperatures can also drop to around 15C or even lower at night. This would be mimicking of a natural temperature drop that the wild habitat would provide. Any temperatures should be consistently monitored with an accurate digital thermometer. Your pac man frog would also naturally be exposed to some UVB, despite living among the forest floor partially buried. This will make a beneficial addition to your terrarium and boosts good health and a natural setting. A good example of a bulb to use would be Arcadia's shade dweller (height dependent), and should be used in a 12 hour cycle, replacing the bulb every 12 months as the UV will fade away (lifespan is bulb dependent).

Another essential aspect to this frogs environment is humidity. Good quality, moisture holding substrates, live plants, spraying and foggers can all contribute to raising this to the required levels of between 60-80% - this being measured using an accurate digital hygrometer. Any water going in to the tank should always be de-chlorinated, as chlorine has a drying effect on the frogs skin which can cause long lasting damage and discomfort. This is also relevant for any water dishes that are placed in the tank. Although frogs don't physically drink, they can sit in and absorb moisture through the skin. It is recommended that this be a shallow dish as these frogs aren't very agile, and doesn't take up too much of the enclosure floor to allow for burying.

Pac Man frogs are carnivores and have been known to eat smaller mammals, fish, other amphibians and reptiles! in captivity, we can provide mice, rats, fish and a variety of live food such as cockroaches, locust, worms and beetle grubs. They have large appetites but should only require feeding every 2-3 days, depending on the meal. It is important to use good quality calcium, multivitamins and D3 as well as a vitamin A supplement - specific for tissue growth in frog species which can often suffer neurological issues. These powders will be applied to the prey items and should be used in a specified regime to ensure the diet provides all the nutrients required by the frogs body in the correct amounts.

Swell SuperStore Ornate Pac Man:

  • Current Age/Size - juvenile, 2 - 2.5 inches approx
  • Adult Expected Size - 4 - 8 inches
  • Habitat - buried in loose substrates of forest floor habitats in South America. Terrestrial living.
  • Required Enclosure Size - 60 x 45 x 30 cm
  • UV Lighting - 1-2 UVI (7% ShadeDweller - height dependent)
  • Expected Lifespan - 5-6 years
  • Temperature Gradient - 22-28C
  • Humidity Levels - 60-80%
  • Feeding - Carnivore - Live food such as crickets, locusts, cockroaches, and worms, also occasional mice, fish and rats.
  • Handling - Not For Handling, Amphibious species have extremely sensitive skin, Contact with ours causes damage and discomfort.

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