Swell Swell Insect Care Kit

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  • Swell great Combo Kit for Insect Care will mean your bugs are happy and healthy, an ideal requirement for feeding them to your reptiles. It's important for your bugs to be as healthy as they can be to pass on the very best nutrients to your pets.


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Product Information

This great Care Kit will allow you to provide your bugs with the best in nutrition, in order to pass those nutrients through to your reptile. Included in the kit are:

  • Insect Gel 500ml
  • Insect Grub with colour enhancer 500ml
  • Calcium with D3+ 125g

This means you can provide moisture to the bugs, by placing a small amount of the gel into a container. This removes the risk of the bugs drowning in water, whilst still ensuring that they are able to get the moisture they need to prevent dehydration. The Insect Grub is food for the bugs, and means they will be full and the most nutritious when eaten by your reptile. It also contains extra colour enhancing powder, which will be passed through to your reptile, which is great for Day Geckos and similar species. The great gut-loading routine will mean your insects are bursting with goodness to pass through to your reptiles, keeping them healthier and stronger.

Also included in the kit is the calcium powder, with added D3. This is ideal for dusting on your bugs prior to feeding, meaning your reptile will gain the vital calcium that it needs to grow and maintain healthy bones. This is especially important for growing reptiles, or those breeding.

Buy this great combination kit to get great savings on these items, purchased singly the RRP would be £14.97!

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