Swell Terrarium 60x45x60cm

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Ready built and delivered straight to your doorstep, this Terrarium 60x45x60cm by Swell Reptiles is of great quality and is offered at a low price like most of Swell's own kit.


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Product Information

Create the perfect home for your reptile in our 60 x 45 x 60 cm glass terrarium. It arrives ready built and sealed from us here at Swell Reptiles, so all you need to do is set up your reptile is in his luxurious new home.

The terrarium has plenty of space for good amount of substrate and the height for some taller plants and branches too. This makes for the ideal environment your reptile needs to thrive. The high quality of the glass means you can watch him easily and clearly. Glass is super for creating the best level of humidity, which is perfect for a lot of reptiles.

To stop the tank getting too warm, there is a useful ventilated panel on the top of the terrarium. Made from a mesh material, air can easily circulate around the habitat. This net like material also works to allow UVB and other important light through without exposing the reptile to the bulbs.

Complete with 3D structured background.

A convenient hinged door on the front of the terrarium allows for easy access. This makes removing your pet or cleaning out his tank even easier. To make it safer too, we have a great little lock, made especially for this terrarium. Sturdy and reliable, you can be sure that your reptile is safe inside.

Don't forget that we have everything you need to set up the most naturally beneficial environment for your reptile. Have a look at our range of substrates to create a great base layer.

Key Features:

  • 60 x 45 x 60 cm (l x d x h)
  • Superior quality glass
  • Ready built, no assembly required.
  • Hinged door for easy access, lock available too!
  • Ventilated top panel to allow heat and light

*** Sadly, we are unable to ship this model of terrarium to Non-UK Mainland Addresses ***

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