Swell Terrarium 90x45x45cm

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Swell Glass Terrarium 90x45x45cm is ready to use the moment you unpack it and is made to the highest standards.


Product Information

We have our very own range of glass terrariums available. Ready built and sealed, they are ready to use straight away. Crafted to a high standard, they are a luxurious home, fit for a variety of reptiles from tiny Geckos to Bearded Dragons.

This 90 x 45 x 45 cm terrarium is manufactured from the highest quality glass which will help create a level of humidity within the tank. This is great for reptiles to replicate their natural environment. The glass also allows for the best possible view of your pet, a view from either side and the wide front of the terrarium makes an attractive scene.

The upper panel of the terrarium makes sure that there is sufficient air flow within the terrarium, as it is made from a good quality mesh material. This panel also means that you can install a light system above the terrarium through which essential light can permeate. 

Maintenance and access to the terrarium is simple, via the hinged door at the front. This causes the least stress to your reptile, and you! As part of our great range of terrariums we have a Terrarium Lock designed exclusively to fit. Created with the same high quality design and materials as our other products, you can be confident of a safe, happy reptile.

A hide can help your reptile feel safe and secure. It also provides a great place for shedding or laying. We have a huge range of hides in all types of materials, so take a look for the best shelter for your scaly friend.

Key Features:

  • 90 x 45 x 45 cm (l x d x h)
  • Wider for larger reptiles
  • Superior quality glass
  • Ready built, no assembly required.
  • Hinged door for easy access, lock available too!
  • Ventilated top panel to allow heat and light

*** Sadly, we are unable to ship this model of terrarium -- Collection only ***

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