Swell Swell Tortoise Kit - Gold

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This Gold Kit from Swell is ready for a slightly larger Tortoise, or just a more spoilt baby! This Monkfield Tortoise Table means there is more space for your tortoise to move around and enjoy the space they really need.


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Product Information

Our Swell Gold Tortoise Kit comes with a Monkfield Tortoise Table, as well as all the electrical equipment required for this size of set up, saving you the messing around of choosing all the items. It includes some decoration, as well as the essential items you'll need to get set up. We'd recommend to purchase some more decoration, as well as disinfectant, and potentially some tortoise pellet food.

What's in this kit?

The kit comes with the Monkfield Tortoise table, measuring 109cm x 61cm x 23cm (43" x 24" x 9"), providing plenty of room for maneuvering, as well as giving great ventilation for the tortoise. The heat and UVB are provided from a combined Mercury Vapour Bulb, which gives the light, heat and UVB that is required all in one, and is held on an adjustable bracket, so that you can adjust the height of the bulb to ensure the correct temperature is reached. As with all Mercury Vapour Bulbs, you cannot use a thermostat with this bulb, as it will reduce the UVB that is produced, so the only way to control the temperature is by moving the bulb height closer or further.

We also included a digital thermometer, so you can check the temperatures of both ends of the table effectively, ensuring you're always in the right parameters for the species you have. For substrate, we have included a tortoise specific soil mix which is designed for tortoises to dig and safely live in, containing small calcium particles so that its safe if ingested, which is easy to spot clean as required. There is also a feeding dish and flat water bowl to provide easy access in and out for your pet. As added extras, we have included a tub of calcium to sprinkle over your tortoise food, two hides (for each end of the table) and also small plants to provide a little decoration and coverage. There is also sealant to seal the edges of the table, ensuring it lasts longer, and also a Tortoise Food Growing Kit, so you can provide the perfect varied diet for your tortoise.

At a Glance:

  • Monkfield Tortoise Table -109cm x 61cm x 23cm (43" x 24" x 9")
  • Bulb Holder and MVB Bulb
  • Digital thermometer
  • Substrate
  • Feeding and Water Dish
  • Calcium Dust
  • Hides
  • Plants
  • Growing Kit
  • Sealant

Items shown in image are not specific and are just a representation of this kits contents.

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