Swell Tortoise Kit - Bronze

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This beginners kit from Swell comes complete to get you started with your new baby Tortoise, and can be used for any small species. Equipped with a tortoise table, this start-up kit has all the basics you'll need, which you can then add to as your tortoise grows.


  • Tortoise Bronze Oak Table
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  • Tortoise Bronze Walnut Table
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Product Information

Our Swell Bronze Tortoise Kit comes with a VivExotic Tortoise Table, as well as all the electrical equipment you'll need, saving you the messing around of choosing all the items. It includes minimal decoration, but focuses more on the essential items you'll need to get going.

We'd recommend to purchase some more decoration, as well as disinfectant, and potentially some tortoise pellet food.

What's in this kit?

The Tortoise table, measuring 90cm x 45cm x 21.5cm (35.4" x 18" x 8.5"), means that the tortoise has great ventilation, and receives UVB from a combined Mercury Vapour Bulb, which is held on an adjustable bracket, so that you can adjust the height of the bulb to ensure the correct temperature is reached. As with other Mercury Vapour Bulbs, you cannot use a thermostat with this bulb, as it will diminish the UVB that is produced, so the only way to control the temperature is by moving the bulb height.

Also in this kit is a small heat mat, to go in the bedding area of the table, which is to be used with the enclosed thermostat, meaning you can safely set a night time temperature for overnight. We also include two thermometers, so you can check the temperatures of both ends of the table, ensuring you're always in the right parameters.

For substrate, we have included beech chips, which are easy to replace and spot clean. There is also a feeding dish and flat water bowl to provide easy access in and out for your pet. As added extras, we have included a hide and also 2 small plants to provide a little decoration.

At a Glance:

  • Tortoise Table
  • Bulb, Holder and Bracket
  • Heat Mat and Thermostat
  • Two thermometers
  • Substrate
  • Feeding and Water Dish
  • Hide
  • Plants

Items shown in image are not specific and are just a representation of this kits contents.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 08/06/2019 07:06am
    Swell Tortoise Bronze Oak Table
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    The table is fine. The accessories are not usable. The light bulb doesn't fit in the lamp holder and land holder won't connect to adjustable pole. Several emails and photos sent to explain the problem but no response from Swell. Disappointing service
  • Rating
    Date 16/01/2019 12:01pm
    Swell Tortoise Bronze Walnut Table
    Feefo Logo
    I have rated you as a 5 because everything I ordered came unbroken and well packaged and your full set up is brilliant for beginners as you don’t need to worry about finding indevigal things if you don’t really know what you your doing
  • Rating
    Date 27/11/2018 08:11am
    Swell Tortoise Bronze Oak Table
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    Table lights and thermostat etc are very good lovely items
    however the water bowl so large it hardly fits the table! Pointless! Will be purchasing another more suitable size bowl The plants are
    cheap plastic low quality won’t use them either! Missing a heat mat which is in the post