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Swell Trailing Mandarin Artificial Plant

An outstanding addition to any terrarium

At a glance...
  • Beautiful trailing mandarin decor for forest terrariums
  • Eye-catching realistic design with flexible vine
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Part of Swell's own brand of synthetic vivarium plants, these natural looking and realistic plants add a real sense of depth and authenticity to your terrarium. As well as being strong, versatile and ideal for arboreal reptiles to climb upon, the Trailing Mandarin Artificial Plants brings a touch of tropical and oriental realism to your rainforest style vivarium.

The leaves are green and rich and will really enhance your setup. Reptiles and amphibians like chameleons, tree frogs and crested geckos will love climbing on these leaves. For additional versatility you can wrap the stems around branches, thanks to internal wiring, or attach them to the walls of your terrarium using the supplied sucker.

The Swell Trailing Mandarin Artificial Plant is available in three sizes - 12" (30cm), 16" (40cm) and 20" (50cm) to suit all vivs and terrariums.

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