Swell Trailing Philodendron Artificial Plant

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Make your reptile's vivarium into an attractive home with the Swell Trailing Philodendron artifical plant. Artificial, it requires you to only set it up and then leave it be! Easy!


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Product Information

Part of Swell's own brand of high value synthetic plants the Trailing Philodendron is highly realistic and easy to install. The Philodendron is a typical rainforest plant and can be found everywhere from the Americas to the West Indies. It is dense and green and will look great in a tropical vivarium without causing the hassles associated with live plants.

Reptiles and amphibians like chameleons, tree frogs and crested geckos will love climbing on these sturdy artificial leaves. Making use of the built-in wire you can wrap the stems around branches, hang them or position them however you like in your vivarium thanks to the attached sucker.

The Swell Trailing Philodendron Artificial Plant is available in three sizes - 12" (30cm), 16" (40cm) and 20" (50cm) to suit any vivarium or terrarium.

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