Swell Turtle and Terrapin Food

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Swell Turtle and Terrapin Food is a great complete food that can be used for aquatic turtles and terrapins, giving them a great selection of food to choose from and scavenge naturally in their tank.


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Product Information

This is a complete food that can be feed to your turtles and terrapins, and will provide them with all the nutrition they need, and combines a selection of turtle pellets, algae pellets, vegetable pellets, and also a large variety of natural insects & crustaceans.

This should be fed by giving as much as will be consumed within a 4 - 5 minute time frame, and not more than twice daily. Ideally remove any uneaten food as this will contribute to waste build up in the water and effect the quality of the water.

Grains and grain products, fishmeal molluscs and crustaceans, meat- and derivatives yeast, algae, premix, Shrimp, Krill, Fish, Earthworms

Analytical Constituents
Crude Protein 37%
Crude Fats & Oils 3%
Crude Fibre 3%
Crude Ash 6%
Vitamins A 12.000 (I.E./KG)
Vitamins D3 1.500 (I.E./KG)
Vitamins E 80mg/kg
Vitamins C 150 mg/kg

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