Swell Wire Clamp Lamps

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Swell Wire Clamp Lamps include a heat-resistant ceramic fitting, a sturdy wire cage and an in-line on/off switch and fitted plug. They're ideal for use with any standard screw-fitting heat bulb or ceramic heat emitter.


  • Wire Clamp Lamp Large
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Product Information

Swell Wire Clamp Lamps are ideal for a range of reptile heat bulbs and ceramic heat emitters, where plastic fittings could potentially melt, and are available in two different sizes with a screw-fitting.

They are ideal for heat bulbs such as Infrared Heat Spot Lamps and Ceramic Heater Emitters, while the wire is made of aluminium and the fitting is heat-resistant ceramic.

Operating this lamp could not be easier. It has a simple 'on and off' switch on the power cable and for maximum versatility it can be angled in different directions within your reptile's enclosure, giving you more options over placement.

Approximate dimensions 14cm x 21cm.

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