Tarantula Room Square Terrarium

A square terrarium ideal for tarantulas and other invertebrates

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  • Square terrarium for tarantulas
  • Pre-built, nothing to assemble
  • Comes in a range of sizes
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Ideal for invertebrates, and designed initially with Tarantulas in mind, these Square Terrariums are lightweight, sturdy and offer fantastic viewing.

Cheaper and lighter than glass enclosures, and with more choice of sizes, these have proved to be one of the most popular enclosures for invertebrate keepers. Starting at just 14cm, there is the right size for most species, and they are also available in a cylinder design as well.

The lid includes a powder coated stainless steel mesh built in, for ventilation, and strong magnets lock the top in place for security. The frame around the top keeps the unit sturdy without the lid on, and houses the magnets for locking in place. Whilst most invertebrates don't appreciated extra lighting, if you are using for something that does require a better day or night cycle, the larger sizes could be used well with the Swell LED Light Unit.

Each rim around the top is extended, to offer extra protection against escapees whilst feeding or performing maintenance.

On arrival, these will still have protective film on both the inside and outside that will require removal. Your perfect size not listed? Get in touch, as there are plenty more available that we can get for you!

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